New campaign launched Oral Health

posted on 25 Aug 2014 09:03 by dentalnews
New campaign launched Oral Health

pièce à main droite A growing number of research services and media highlighted the value of preventive dental care.

Now, a new series of campaign oral health to be introduced by the Dental Association of California this month will focus on measures that can be taken to address problems before they start.

Caries management by risk assessment (CAMBRA) approach aims to encourage dentists to look at a variety of factors as part of regular medical examination.

électrocardiographe For example, they can ask about the patient's diet, medications, family history and previous dental care to create a more comprehensive picture of risk.

Jon Roth, executive director of the Foundation of the ADC, said the effort represents "a huge step in the direction of preventive care."

"In addition to regular dental examinations and cleanings, which are an essential part of any oral health care system healthy, CAMBRA provides additional resources for the fight against oral disease before it can occur" , he commented.

loupe dentaire Previous research has suggested that preventive dental care can be particularly beneficial to the health of young children and can help prevent problems later in life.

Dental laser offers a cosmetic treatment for gums

posted on 22 Aug 2014 08:57 by dentalnews
Dental laser offers a cosmetic treatment for gums

lunettes dentaires Cosmetic dentistry is a big deal at the moment, with many people opting for braces, whitening, veneers and polished in the quest for the perfect smile.

Now it seems that the gums can be adjusted to get the same treatment. WBCSTV periodontist Dr. Joseph Zelig spoken, who noted that many people have problems with their gum lines are uneven, asymmetrical or disproportionate.

caméra orale Consequently, laser treatment has been designed to allow simple and rapid procedure for lifting the gum line.

"There is little or no bleeding. There is no discomfort to the patient. There is often no stitches, "said Dr. Zelig.

He added that "the gums are the frame around the teeth like a frame around a picture."

Lasers are now used for the dental bone surgery, with sound waves scalpels replacement.

détartreur à ultrasons 6 WECT Wilmington reported that the sound waves through the bone cut to 60,000 cycles per second, avoiding tissue, nerves or blood vessels flexible.

Dental myths revealed in academic publishing

posted on 20 Aug 2014 08:44 by dentalnews
Dental myths revealed in academic publishing

Lampe à polymériser According to the medical school at Tufts University, there are dental concerns that can be misunderstood by the general public. In an effort to inform people about things they should and should not be involved, the school has recently published a report that explains some of these myths.

Localisateur d’apex A dubious piece of dental information that people may not be aware of is that dental care does not just protect the teeth and gums. Studies showed that it plays a role in many serious health complications. In fact, gum inflammation and dental caries can lead to the development of memory disorders, obesity and cardiovascular complications.

Another myth parents have heard is that it does not matter if a child loses his baby teeth earlier than expected due to dental caries. If this happens, the adult teeth of young children may be more susceptible to damage and may need orthodontic treatment later in life.

détartreur à ultrasons A third misconception is that tooth decay is only a dental problem that affects young people. Actually, this problem can develop in anyone who does not practice dentistry. Older people who fall in the line of gum and tooth decay, may be more susceptible to permanent damage to roots and diabetes.